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Account Access

IF you request a password reset watch for TWO emails.

One email will be titled “Invite for Registration” In this email you are given a link to click on to take you
to the password reset.

One email will be titled “Access Code for Registration” This email will have the Access Code you need to
reset your password.

From the “Invite for Registration” email click on the link:

  • Click on ‘Investor’
  • Enter your Social Security number (with no dashes)
  • Enter the Access Code from the “Access Code” email - Next
  • Scroll to the bottom and click “I Agree” – click on “Accept”
  • Fill out your information. PLEASE NOTE:
       -User Name MUST have a number in it
       -Password needs a symbol (“!” or “?” are not valid)
  • Set up your Challenge Questions

After you reset your password click on the link – enter your username
and your NEW password.

You will be directed to your “Portfolio Dashboard”

If you are married or have combined family accounts you can view all accounts at one time:

After logging in click the drop down arrow next to “Combined Account Portfolio” Select the Name Listed

Need Assistance with Accessing your Accounts?

Thank you!