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Bethany C CanfieldKitzke & Canfield, LLC

Bethany C Canfield
Kitzke & Canfield, LLC

Bethany Canfield is a Partner at Kitzke Canfield, LLC. K& C specializes in Estate Planning, helping families to Avoid Probate, be Tax Efficient, and provide Asset Protection and Control. Their practice ranges throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Bethany has utilized her vast experience and dedication to become an expert in her field. She brings efficiency, reliability and an easy to understand approach to the practice. She understands that clients are trusting her with the responsibility to guard everything they have built and she does not take that honor lightly. Bethany is no stranger to hard work and she brings that passion and energy to K& C to protect your family' s hard work.

Prior to joining K& C, she attended the University of Wisconsin— Platteville, majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology. She attended Marquette University Law School and focused her coursework in estate planning and tax law. It was at this pivotal time that she recognized the crucial need for families to protect themselves and their businesses from the unexpected. In addition to attending law school full time, she interned at Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, was an officer of the Public Interest Law Society and worked with the American Civil Liberties Union. She also was a volunteer for Legal Action Wisconsin and the Wills for Heroes program.